Product Specifications Search


How it works

Use this feature to quickly access line drawings and other technical information (e.g. installation instructions) for Heirloom products. This option is ideally suited for people who already have some knowledge of Heirloom's range of products, especially product codes.

Enter either the Heirloom product code or the product name into the "I am searching for" box and this will identify products that match your search description. The search will try and anticipate what you are looking for with closest matches and make these more specific as you enter more details.


The search can be restricted to certain Categories and Collections, using the next two drop down boxes. More than one category or collection can be selected. Selected options will be marked with an "x".

Once the product being searched for has been located it can be selected and line drawings etc quickly accessed or downloaded.

Note: As a search is completed it can be narrowed selecting from the tags provided in the "narrow by" line.